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Streaming One Customer At A Time

For the past five years PowerStream has served a diverse client base—from small startup entrepreneurial companies to some of America's Fortune 100 corporations. This section will give you an inside look at our work and the results produced. We are proud of our relationship with our clients. Ultimately, it is not what we say that counts, it is what our clients say that makes the difference. Much of our growth is through referrals, which is the highest acknowledgement of our work and the integrity we bring to it. We look forward to having you among our distinguished clients.

"Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them."
—W. Edwards Deming
Author and Management Guru
"PowerStream's customer service is one of their most outstanding features! We never have to worry. PowerStream always provides what we need."

—Bryan Floyd, Director of Marketing
Human Factors International

Human Factors International (HFI) is a user-centered design company that offers training, consulting, and products for improving the usability of Web- and Windows™-based applications.

"The way PowerStream handles the process for on-demand makes it something that is very easy for me to deal with. Everyone at OCLC is happy with the availability of their programs in the on-demand format. A good for-instance is our last event in February, which was produced seamlessly and went out easily."

—Rich Skopin, Media Production Manager
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

The world uses OCLC’s services to locate, acquire, catalog, lend, and preserve library materials. OCLC works with more than 50,000 libraries in over 80 countries and territories globally.

"What I found particularly impressive was the collaboration between you guys and our designers in producing a good and effective user interface."

—Don Wellman, Senior Interactive Producer
Thomson Gale

Thomson Gale™ provides the world with information and education through its vast and dynamic content pools. Known for the accuracy, breadth, and convenience of its data, Thompson Gale utilizes a variety of formats, including books, Web-based solutions, and microfilm.

"We asked for a custom service and PowerStream provided it right off the bat."

—Daniel Klyn, Technical Project Coordinator
Q Limited

Q LTD specializes in corporate identity, information design, and interactive media. They develop, design, write, and implement communication programs that are both creative and tactical for a broad array of clients. They have focused developments in the technology, health care, education, arts, and entertainment sectors.

"We are really pleased with everybody at PowerStream. Really!… PowerStream satisfies every streaming need we have."

—Julia Sorg, Network Administrator
Strategic Energy

Strategic Energy is a leading competitive supplier of retail electricity. Strategic is currently operating in ten states with deregulated energy markets, including California, Texas, Michigan, and New York.

"There's nothing PowerStream is lacking… They turn things around very quickly and have been very flexible."

—Amy Finlan, Account Executive
Sussman Sikes Marketing and Advertising

The Who television and radio show, direct mail program, and magazine combined offer the ultimate networking tool. Who has done the scouting, legwork, and research for you, finding the best doctors, lawyers, and accountants in town, or the best places to eat, shop, or exercise. After all, "It’s not what you know, it’s Who!"

"PowerStream helped bring our website to a higher level, as we can now provide streaming services to our end-users. See, I'm not that technically savvy, and also, when I first thought about streaming, it just seemed way too expensive.

"But the cost involved with PowerStream was much less than I anticipated, and PowerStream really guided us through using their service. There was great coordination between our development team and their tech department. They really streamline the process when it comes to getting our media up and running."

—Dave Knox, Webmaster

The #1 online resource for Band Directors, offers support forums, chat rooms, video-on-demand music lessons, and much more to directors of bands of all sizes.

"We are a campus radio station, broadcasting primarily to dorms. What’s great about your service, though, is that it allows us to reach people living off-campus who may not get the radio signal, all their friends and family across the country, and all students and alumni, no matter where they are. Your reliable streaming service is one thing we don't have to worry about."

—Antony Demekhin, Music Director
WMSR Redhawk Radio

WMSR has grown in size and capability, but its dedication to student radio has been the same for over 21 years. Tune in to WMSR on 89.1 FM in Oxford, OH; find them on Cable Channel 63 on Miami University campus; or click the graphic on the left to listen live over the web.

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