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What is Streaming Media?

Streaming Media Technology is designed and developed for delivering audio and video over the Internet in real time. This cutting edge Technology allows high speed and real-time delivery that eliminates the days of slow downloads forever. Many studies conducted in the past six years indicate that the most important evolution of the Internet will be the ability to incorporate all of the human senses, especially visual and auditory, for the purpose of creating the ultimate user experience. Streaming Media is being used for both live broadcasts—WebCasting—and delivery of pre-stored video and audio digital files—OnDemand.

Many people find it difficult to understand how audio or video signals can be transmitted to the other side of the world. They believe Streaming Media is a complicated Technology requiring a high level of mastery. Streaming Media is easy. It is simple to create and integrate into your web presence. The only challenge is understanding the range of choices and directions the Streaming Media industry offers.

Why use Streaming Technology?

Let’s look at why we need Streaming Media. Before Streaming, if an Internet based user wanted to view media over the net they had to completely download a file before it could be played. Due to the large amount of data required to render media, a short five minute video clip could take hours to download and then view. This just didn’t make sense or provide realistic usability for the average user. To remedy this long wait, the methodology of compressing, packaging and serving a media file was created. This process is comprised of encoding the file for a specialized Streaming Media Server to deliver in a stream of small chunks of data. This eliminates the need to download a file since the user's computer can play the data as it is received. This new Technology gave birth to another innovation—WebCasting. Since the data flows in a real-time stream, live broadcasting is now possible.


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