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Internet Broadcasting

PowerFeed™ Internet Radio and Television service enables channelized broadcasting to the world. This service is ideal for always on or programmed service from fixed locations. Any time you wish to transmit, your channel will always be available for broadcast. By utilizing our ultra reliable PowerServer Architecture™, PowerFeed™ offers high availability of content to the audience.

Cost is always the determining factor in the viability of a project. PowerFeed’s™ price model enables you to start with entry level pricing and scale with utilization. This enables projects to get off the ground with low start-up cost and you only get billed for capacity used. On the flip side, if you have an existing project, PowerFeed™ offers cost effective price scaling - the more you use, the less per Gigabyte you pay. Additionally, once you peek over the minimum, PowerStream bills for exact usage, if 30.12 GB of content is streamed, you pay for 30.12 GB of content.

By incorporating PowerShow technology into the broadcast interface you will enhance the end user experience by incorporating media synchronized visual material, real-time feedback pipeline and audience polling. These technologies turn the media feed into a communications tool that provides low cost interactivity for distance learning, team building, talk shows and a host of other applications.

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