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Encoding Services

Quality delivery depends as much on encoding as server architecture. An improperly encoded file will not play smoothly regardless of how well your network or servers are optimized. The need for custom encoding optimization is crucial because of the fine line between sound/video quality, frame rate, display size and delivery bandwidth. Encoding content is a delicate balance of all four of these variables. Our professionals balance on this edge and consistently deliver the highest quality to the slowest connection.

PowerStream prepares your content for streaming by combining hardware/software image enhancement techniques before and during the encoding process. This technique produces the highest quality feed while improving compression and overall image quality. Our techniques perform even on low target bandwidths.

Video – Custom Encoding
Includes post and pre-optimization of gamma, contrast, color, video frame rate and sound dynamics. This service provides the highest quality of delivery.
$ 5.00 Minute for first bit rate
$ 1.50 Minute for additional bit rate
Video – Production Encoding
This process is ideal for large libraries of content. It utilizes PowerStream’s preferred custom encoding settings based on content and selected delivery rate(s). This service is best suited for content that is consistent from clip to clip.
$ 3.00 Minute for first bit rate
$ 1.50 Minute for additional bit rate

Audio – CD or WAV Source
Includes optimization and conversion to streaming format. WAV suggested format - PCM 22kHz 16bit
$ 1.50 Minute for first bit rate
$ 1.00 Minute for additional bit rate
Audio – Cassette, DAT or Mini Disk Source
Includes capture from source, optimization of audio levels and conversion to streaming format.
$ 3.50 Minute for first bit rate
$ 1.50 Minute for additional bit rate
  • Note:
  • $25.00 Encoding Session Setup
  • $25.00 Minimum Encoding Fee
  • There may be an additional fee for some professional videotape formats.
  • All of our basic pricing is subject to discounts based on volume and additional discount with contracted hosting services.
Audio – Phone In Voice Encoding/Recording
Technician attended service provides encoding/recording for conference calls or interviews for WebCast or OnDemand delivery.
$ 100.00 Each Hour
¼ hour setup and ½ hour minimum

Please let us know the parameters of your project so that we can provide you with an appropriately detailed quote:

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