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A Cost-Effective Solution Demo  

PowerShow live events has been bringing venues to desktops for more than a decade. Real-time slides and other dynamic synchronization can minimize cramped auditoriums and the costs associated with hotel rooms and flights for attendees. Everyone viewing a PowerShow live event has a front row seat from the convenience of their desk, home or a remote auditorium.

Click the interface icon for an example of a full presentation. This event was broadcast as a PowerShow LiveEvent then archived as an On-Demand webcast presentation. It features slides, speaker name plates, open captioning, table of contents, question submital, etc.

Online Training Demo  

Whether you train using an instructional video, projector slides, information sheets, charts, graphs, audience polls, or question-and-answer discussion, an interface from PowerStream can expand your classroom's walls across the entire globe, allowing you to reach trainees wherever they may be.

This example WebJunction media is viewable by clicking on the interface icon to the right. Rather than mass-producing a thirty-minute video and sending single copies of it across the United States, WebJunction opted for a menu-based PowerPlay version of its instructional DVD for Bridging the Digital Divide in the Spanish-Speaking Community.

Guaranteed Connections Demo  

With BroadReach, The Orbitsuns don't have to worry about having too many fans. Too many fans? The bigger your audience, the more difficult it can be to reach everyone with the same end-user experience. Because The Orbitsuns don't have separate concerts for Mac users and Windows users, they use a BroadReach PowerPlay to stream the same media to their fans and over 99% of the Internet. When different platforms are taken out of the picture, compatability issues disappear. All The Orbitsuns have to do is Play. Click on the interface icon to the right to see and hear them now.

PowerPlay is the ideal solution for promotional campaigns including but not limited to: fan-based media, commercial advertising on the web, product demonstrations or realty tours, infomercials, for- and non-profit organization materials, and political broadcasts.

Questions? Comments? Demo  

With PowerStream question submittal, you can give your users the unique opportunity to interact with anyone at your on-site production. For instance, FedEx treated a few select NASCAR fans to a private chat with Jason Leffler, driver of the #11 car for FedEx Racing. FedEx later made the session public, an On-Demand event where users can browse questions to hear any or all of Leffler's answers to his fans.

Click the interface icon to the right to see this full presentation. The event was broadcast as a PowerPlay LiveEvent (LE) and then archived as an On-Demand (OD) webcast presentation.

Formal Reports Demo  

Scheduling a meeting with shareholders, CEOs, or government officials can be next to impossible. One solution that meets everyone's needs is an On-Demand PowerPlay. Archived reports are accessible any time of the day or night, take up no local hard drive space, and allow seeking and pausing. Secure PowerPlay ODs are also available for presentations with sensitive information.

To see a reproduction of this event, click the interface icon to the right. This is a selection from the second annual Alaska Clean Energy Symposium, broadcast as a PowerPlay LiveEvent (LE) and then archived as an On-Demand (OD) webcast presentation.

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